That’s a school, right…?

One of my favorite things about the new school I started working in this month is that it looks like an insane asylum.  I know you weren’t expecting to hear that. You probably thought I’d say something about how nice the staff is or how excited the students are. Well those things are true too, but come on, what’s better than going to a decrepit, crumbling building every day??

While the outside of it is somewhat terrifying, the inside has clearly been recently remodeled, so I feel ghosts are out of the question. However today when I was leaving I swear I heard someone whispering “Heidi” so fingers crossed that it is in fact haunted!

So, enjoy the pictures of my beautiful, derelict, *possibly* haunted workplace!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. techgod52 says:

    Have you bothered to learn Japenese yet?

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Bothered?? I’m trying, anyway!

  2. Helen Jensen says:

    Heidi – I don’t see any pictures?? ________________________________________

  3. Helen Jensen says:

    Never mind – i see the pictures on the actual blog, they just didn’t show up in the email. ________________________________________

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Ok glad you can see them! Feel free to show them to your students, too.

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