Greatest Hits 2/4-2/11

I decided I will start posting a weekly collage of pictures. It will usually focus on pictures that wouldn’t need their own specific post, so it will just be a quick way to share interesting pictures from the week. I’m also going to try to work on taking at least one interesting/unique picture a day.

greatest hits

1. Bart sweater found in Harajuku. I didn’t buy it but I was excited to see it because it’s been all over the fashion blogs I follow.

2. Almost too-cute-to-eat sweet from Chocoholic shop in Kita-Senju.

3. I’ve really been enjoying eating lunch with the students. This picture is of the students serving lunch. During lunch time, they worry less about speaking perfect English so they open up to me more.

4. Surprise! Some of the ladies that live in my city took me to dinner, but I had no idea it was meant to be a surprise birthday dinner! (My birthday was almost two months ago, but this was the first time we could all meet together.)

5. My first sumo experience! This one will get its own post at some point, I’m sure.

6. One of the many sort of public service signs in Japan that I love. They often make good points but in a pretty hilarious way.

7. The dessert from my birthday surprise. AMAZING!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Wow! What an event filled weekend. It was so nice of the ladies to take you out for your birthday! Yes, please, more info and pictures of the sumo wrestling – what an experience!

  2. techgod52 says:

    Happy Very, Very Belated Birthday!


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