Greatest Hits 2/12-2/18


1. The really sweet Valentines I received from some students.

2. The personalized prizes I gave out to the winners of January’s newsletter quiz.

3. Valentine’s Day dessert! I went out to dinner with a group of friends for V Day.

4. One of my favorite assignments I graded this week. They needed to write about something they wanted. Most students wrote about a job they want in the future, or something like an iPhone or a video game. I love that this students just wanted to eat, darn it! (Must have been before lunch.)

5. My friend Natalie and I went to Purikura this week. I’m going to do a post about Purikura soon, hopefully today.

6. Pen pal post cards from the Japanese post cards that I mailed this week. Most of the Japanese students included Purikura of themselves.

7. A treat I bought for myself this week. So cute and so good!

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