Shiloh “Boats” Jensen was born on February 4th, 1995 to Panther and Sweetie Perry, and was an only child. Although she was a product of incest, Shiloh never let it get in the way of her dreams. She triumphed over insults such as “pea brain” and “the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.” When she was ready, Shiloh was adopted by the Jensen family and said goodbye to her parents, as well as her foster family the Perry’s.

Upon moving into the Jensen household, she found herself surrounded by a loving family who soon gave her inexplicable nicknames such as “Boats” and “Shu-la-rue.” It was difficult for Shiloh to learn her true name due to excessive nick-naming, and perhaps a lack of motivation on her part.

Her formative years were spent adapting to the changes in her environment. Her adoptive brothers Midnight the cat and Mickey the dog were not always gentle with feeble Shiloh. She did not care for cat food, and would eat it piece by piece, carefully inspecting each morsel before partaking.  This caused her to appear emaciated throughout most of her life.

Not long after her arrival in the Jensen’s household, Shiloh almost lost her life when she ferociously nabbed a piece of uncooked meat that had fallen to the floor. Her vigor and excitement at the prospect of something other than cat food led to a dangerous struggle between chocking and swallowing. Thankfully, her adoptive father Mark managed to extract the piece of meat from the depths of her throat, and she (and Mark) lived to tell the tale.

It wasn’t long before Shiloh became known for a sour attitude toward snuggling and hugs. Her dear sister Heidi was particularly troubled by the lack of affection from her tiny companion. Despite the fact that young Shiloh scratched Heidi’s cornea (which may be the reason why Heidi suffers from sensitive eyes to this day), Heidi remained her most loyal and fiercest friend.

Before Shiloh was even a year old, she was taken captive by a Tom Cat which ultimately resulted in her pregnancy. This was well before Shiloh was allowed out of the house after dark, and unfortunately her devious nature compelled her to remain out past curfew. After an almost gut-busting pregnancy, Shiloh gave birth to six adorable kittens. She lacked a certain maternal instinct, however, and became a strong advocate for birth control.

After her six kittens moved out, Shiloh led a relatively peaceful life, and slowly moved up within the social strata within the Jensen household. Midnight and Shiloh become close, and it was particularly difficult for Shiloh when the family lost him. She no longer had a companion to have sleeping races with.

Soon thereafter, there wasn’t much time to sleep due to the addition of the young pup, Daisy. Daisy riled up Mickey and soon there were two dogs chasing her around the house and yard. Before too long, Shiloh decided to retire from the outdoors, as there seemed to be too many dogs about.

The loss of Mickey was also a difficult blow for Shiloh; although he acted like “a giant moose with his head stuck in a paper bag” she had loved him and looked to him for advice and comfort. Shiloh was now the top animal in the house and even had a new responsibility; to help raise and educated the new kitten, Nya.

Shiloh had hoped to find a companion like Midnight within Nya, but this was not the case. While Midnight resembled a 16 pound black bowling ball, and had the speed of a four year old rolling a 16 pound black bowling ball, Nya was nimble and frenzied. It wasn’t long before Shiloh decided to spend most of her time locked in her parent’s bedroom.

This is where she spent the last few years of her life, curled in a ball on the foot of the bed. If you yelled loud enough, she would open one eye. If you tried to pick her up, she would scream as if you were removing her toenails with a pair of pliers. If you asked her to please use the litter box instead of the bed sheets, she would give you the finger.

Through it all, Heidi did not lose hope. In fact, Heidi was certain Shiloh would live forever. The idea of no Shiloh seemed absurd; the cat simply could not die.

Alas, this is not the way of the world, and our dear Shiloh has passed. She will be greatly missed. And even though Heidi is 5000 miles away, she will never forget Shiloh’s plaintive mew, her course gray hair, or her endearing lack of charm.

Say hi to Mickey and Midnight.


6 responses to “Obit

  1. I should note that when I rescued Shiloh from choking on the meat, she reflexively bit me. I had to get a tetanus shot, and because she was so young and hadn’t gotten a rabies vaccination yet, the health department made us quarantine her for a week.

    Also on the rabies front, Shiloh heroically woke us up one night about 13 years chasing something in the room, which turned out to be a bat. On the advice of a co-worker, I called very same health department, which advised me and my wife to get rabies shots as you can’t always tell if you’ve been bitten. So Shiloh, by waking us up from chasing the bat, very likely saved us from a horrible fate. Or caused us to have sore shoulders for a month.

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