I Doll

Last Sunday my friend Natalie and I ventured into Tokyo to do something a little out of the ordinary–we went to a doll show, called I Doll, which is held a few times a year in Tokyo. Learn more about it here (Japanese only!) We didn’t know what to expect, really. I had seen some photos of the incredibly detailed dolls on the internet before going, but I was really surprised by what we saw.

The show was mostly a place for vendors to sell accessories for the different kinds of dolls, ranging all the way from hats to shoes. Each vendor also had some dolls on display to showcase their work. There were some vendors selling dolls as well. From what I gather, these dolls are extremely customizable, and most of them can move and bend at every joint just like a real boy! (Reference to Pinocchio…)

I believe most of these dolls are Dollfie dolls, which you can learn more about here. Some are Blythe dolls.

Anyway, enjoy these very detailed/strange/beautiful/scary dolls!


DSC03314 DSC03316 DSC03318

DSC03320-001 DSC03322 DSC03324 DSC03326 DSC03328 DSC03330 DSC03332 DSC03334 DSC03336 DSC03338 DSC03340 DSC03342 DSC03344 DSC03346 DSC03348 DSC03350 DSC03352 DSC03356 DSC03360 DSC03362 DSC03364 DSC03366 DSC03368

DSC03370-001 DSC03372  DSC03390 DSC03374 DSC03392 DSC03378 DSC03380-001 DSC03386 DSC03388


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Those are definitely very interesting. Wow. Such detail and find workmanship. Are they expensive to buy?

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      I think if you buy one that’s already made it’s not too expensive, but if you get one customized (hair color, hair style, eye color and shape, complexion, position of the hands, etc) they get really expensive!

  2. Helen says:

    Those are definitely very interesting – such detail and fine workmanship. Expensive?

  3. listerlegs says:

    Those things creep the shit out of me. I HATE walking around a corner in a shop and suddenly running into a shelf of them! A whole show must have been really interesting, though; I bet you saw some awesome accessories.

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      I totally agree with you. They are definitely creepy. But I found them to be can’t-look-away creepy.

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