Greatest hits 3/12-3/18


1. It’s been a windy week!

2. This weekend I went to Harajuku to see the St. Patrick’s Day parade. This is a shot of Takeshita Dori, the most famous street in Harajuku. It’s always incredibly busy on weekends but it was even more so this weekend.

3. My friend sent me a text with this picture when she saw these stamps at the post office. (That’s Heidi of the Alps, if you didn’t know!)

4. This week was graduation at my junior high school (the Japanese school year ends in March and begins in April). A few of teachers wore kimono to school that day. Don’t worry, I wore something nicer but in this picture I had already changed my clothes to ride my bike home.

5. The 3rd grade students (equivalent to 9th grade in the US) were so sad during graduation. Many of the girls were sobbing and there were plenty of boys crying, too. They really love their school and their friends! This picture shows how a group of girls were reluctant to leave school at the end of their final day. They stood at the exit like that for around 15 minutes before they finally rode off.

6. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

7. Just a shot of shrine in my neighborhood. I love that in Japan there are beautiful shrines and temples interspersed with regular homes and apartments.


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