Greatest hits 4/9-4/15

You may have noticed that I skipped last week’s greatest hits. That’s because I was in Oregon and I figured my posts about that kind of overshadowed a greatest hits post. Anyway here’s the newest one!

Best of 2.4 to 21-001

1. The second Saturday of every month I go to the public library and read English books to kids aged 0-4. I swear the collection of kids that comes are the cutest IN THE WORLD. (By the way, that’s not me in the picture. Another woman also reads. It was easier to take a picture of her reading then try to take a picture of myself while I read.)

2. This week one of my friends had a birthday. He loves Kit Kats. My other friend thought it would be nice to make him a cake. So she did. I cut out a stencil for the cake. That’s all I contributed but I have to say I am pretty proud of my stencil making skills (did that freehand!).

3. I about LOST MY MIND when I saw Dr. Pepper at LIFE this week. Previously I have only seen it in vending machines for 120 yen. That’s around $1.20 for a CAN. Now it’s only 88 yen (about 88 cents) for a bottle! LUCKY!!!!!!

4. I finally got around to learning katakana this week. Katakana is just one of the three different writing systems in Japanese. Katakana is typically for foreign words. It’s really useful to know if you would like to be able to read menus or signage on buildings. It was incredibly lazy of me to put this off for so long. I should have tackled this in my first few weeks in Japan. It took me two days to learn (thanks to these flashcards).

5. I am a visual learner. I cannot learn something like katakana without thinking in pictures (I suppose I could, but it would be much more difficult). These flashcards are hilarious, and each includes an image as a way to visually remember the katakana.This was one of my favorites, the way to remember “so” (ソ). It says “a kid got in a fight after school, and got his eye knocked out! The next day when other kids pointed and said, “You’ve only got one eye,” he said, “So?” That explanation was so long-winded I couldn’t help but laugh. At first I thought it wouldn’t help me; it was such a ridiculous way to remember the symbol. However, whenever I see ソ, I think of a boy shrugging and saying “So?” SO I guess it worked!

6. I was enjoying the grocery store a little too much the other day. I found this pretty amusing. This was a bin full of sale items, and the majority of them were toys and candy. But also Maker’s Mark.

7. I also started at new school this week, which I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before anywhere. (It’s also the beginning of the school year in Japan.) Here’s my nice (clean-ish) desk, ready to start the year! The paper on my desk is a self-intro thingy my co-teacher asked me to fill out so he could put it in his class. All his students did it do. I spent about 45 minutes drawing, erasing, drawing, erasing…and on and on…until finally I finished illustrating my face. It wasn’t nearly as cute as the student’s drawings, of course!


7 responses to “Greatest hits 4/9-4/15

  1. Love your post soooooooo much!! Not quite as much as I love you, but Oh WOWZ!!!!!

    my iPhone sent me

    • I’m teaching English here through the JET program and someone at the Board of Education just asked me if I’d like to join this story time group! Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like my posts!

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