Product placement #3–Little chicken guy

I was walking down the candy aisle at my beloved LIFE supermarket when this little guy caught my eye. I thought he looked pretty cute and needed adopting.

From the images along the side, I knew it was a surprise box, which are very popular in Japan.


I’ve seen them in the States too at specialty stores. But the ones I’ve seen in the States have nothing on the ones in Japan. They are EVERYWHERE. While I’ve been living here I’ve been trying really hard to limit the amount of “stuff” I buy, because in the end I’m just going to have to cart it all back to the States anyway, and besides, what will I do with all these little tiny things?? Anyway, I couldn’t resist this little chick so I bought him.

The box was fairly big, so I was anticipating a much bigger chick than the one I got.


I guess the lightness of the box should have given me the clue that he wasn’t going to be that big.

Apparently I got the Pizza Delivery Chick? He also came with a weird piece of candy/gum that I did not enjoy.


He is really, really tiny. He reminds me a bit of an angry bird, too.


Well, he’s cute, I guess. But a little too tiny! Although, I do like miniature things. I hope one day to have an amazing miniature dollhouse. Maybe he can go in the playroom of my future dollhouse?

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