The new school

It’s a new term which means I started at a new school. Before I get into the pictures, I wanted to share these hilarious comments a student made yesterday. I was eating lunch with the kids and I was sitting next to a particularly hilarious boy. We’ll call him Boy A. He mostly was talking to the boy he was sitting next to.

Boy A: I love you.

Boy B: Disgusting.

It was pretty funny. Most of the other kids didn’t know the word “disgusting” so Boy B had to translate.

Boy A: You’re mine.

Boy B: I am not yours!

I almost lost it after I heard this one. Both those phrases are actually tough to say, especially to reply with the correct grammar.

Boy A: May I help you?

Boy B: Can I have your passport?

Boy A: No thank you.

Boy B: I’m not sure.

For this they were obviously just reciting phrases they had learned from their textbook without creating any meaning.

Boy A talked to me throughout lunch, but most of the time he would just shout something completely random, such as:

“Pumpkin soup! Deeeelicious!”

“I’m runny nose!”

“Eat cu!” (cucumber)

“I love mother!”

“I am giant!”

And now on to the pictures!

Here is the main entrance to the school:


A view from one of the windows showing the gym as well as students practicing their club activity:


A view of the grounds:


A view of the city from the school:


Shoes left outside; Junior High School students wear white tennis shoes on their journey to and from school:


The grounds are often crowded after school with all the different club activities, so often the kids have to utilize space within the school. Here students from the track and field club are practicing in the hallway:


The tree near the main entrance of the school. I love how there is a clock whimsically hanging from the tree.


The rows in a classroom. The red bags hanging from their desks contain their outdoor shoes.


And lastly, really cool bulletin board art done by the students!

DSC04297-001 DSC04299-001 DSC04295-001

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