Product placement #4–The Pungency


I mean, how could you not buy this??

The name says it all.

It wasn’t great!

Although, it is milk tea, which I think is a acquired taste, and I actually do like milk tea, I just prefer it hot. This was cold, which I just don’t think compliments the flavors of milk tea. Is there milk tea in the US? I don’t remember ever having it before I came to Japan. I’d describe the flavor as a combination between coffee and tea. I think, much like regular coffee or tea, there are people who just can’t tolerate it cold, and I think I’m one of those people.

But really, that name…


2 responses to “Product placement #4–The Pungency

  1. You know Helen, I don’t think I would have ever tasted a Thai iced tea ifit wasn’t for my daughter.

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