Product placement #5–White chocolate kuma-chan


Yesterday I saw this cute little bear staring back at me at the Fujiya sweets shop. Fujiya is a very popular sweets company in Japan. My first experience with Fujiya was when I bought “Milky” candy when I was in China when I was about 12 years old. I am not a fan of Milky. It basically tastes like chewy, extra sweet milk. In fact, I brought it back home with me and then tricked all my friends into eating it just to get rid of it. ANYWAY, that being said I did NOT buy Milky at Fujiya, but instead a little bear treat. (Kuma is bear in Japanese.)

What’s in the box??


Oh! It’s kuma-chan.


She’s pretty cute!

DSC04731-001 DSC04733-001

Mmm! And she’s delicious!



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