Greatest hits 5/7-5/13


This week I was missing American style food so I indulged in some ridiculously expensive Skippy and Ritz…


(not pictured: I also made super cheddar cheese-y nachos)

I also went to dinner with a group of ladies that live near me. For dessert I had ice cream with matcha (green tea) flavored bits (see below). It also had sweet beans (the brown part).  I would have never considered this combinations of flavors in the US, but it was great!


This matcha flavored ice cream, however, was not great. I took one bite and then had to throw it away.


At the aforementioned dinner with the ladies, I mentioned that I like movies. One of the ladies then asked me who my favorite actor is. Right as I said “Leonardo DiCaprio,” of the ladies (Mieko–who I see often and knows all about my feelings for Leo) pulled out this magazine for me:


It was such perfect timing and so sweet that she got this for me!

This week I also got this really awesome shirt in my favorite color, as my friend Raymond calls it, “Predator blood green.” Apparently it’s the same color as his blood. I’ve never seen the movie so I can’t confirm.


Speaking of Raymond, we hung out this week and he drew and I colored. Great fun!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    Wow – Raymond is quite the artist! And you, you can color in the lines. Yay! Pretty shirt, too. I will try to mail your pkg. this week!

  2. Elma says:

    I’ll confirm that the color is Predator blood, but I like the shirt. I’ve always thought MRI brain images look like the Predator.

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