Greatest hits 5/14-5/20

It looks like I did nothing this week because I got real lazy about taking pictures, but I was actually really busy.

I had dinner at my neighbor’s house, where they made really amazing ginger pork as well as an overwhelming amount of side dishes. And Aya (the wife) spent about an hour making calls for me to try and figure out if there is a way to get from the airport to my town after midnight, because I am trying to plan a trip to Indonesia and my flight wouldn’t get back into Tokyo until 11pm, and that’s around when the trains stop running (RIDICULOUS). It was so helpful and nice of her to make all the calls to different private bus companies, but the next day I found a flight that will get me back into Tokyo in the afternoon.

I helped at and Adult English class (I do that once a month) and had a great question posed to me: “Why do American ghosts have feet?? Japanese ghosts don’t have feet!! Heidi, why do yours have feet??”

Which prompted me to think deeply about ghosts, and then unfortunately I made a VERY misguided decision to start watching “American Horror Story.” And even though I watched it during the day (not before going to bed), I hardly slept AND had to have the light on…

I also had lunch with a different neighbor on Friday and then went into Tokyo on Sunday.

Also, I downloaded this cute new app for my iPhone that was created by bloggers that I follow, you can read about it here. It lets you do cute things easily to pictures, like this:


Clearly a great improvement.

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