Greatest Hits–What I’ve been doing the past month…

As I mentioned in my last post I accidentally went on a bit of a hiatus there. So here’s what I did the last month, for all you die-hard fans out there:

I finally found something Sailor Moon related in Japan:


A girl I went to college with, Stephanie, and her husband, were in Tokyo recently. Here they are being very serious about making some okonomiyaki:


Then, crazily enough, just a few weeks later I got another visit from friends from home. This time it was Marcus and Kristen. I went to school with Marcus from elementary school to high school, and with Kristen from middle school to high school! It was really great to see them again. It was also obviously SO great that we forgot to take a lot of pictures, and as far as I know there aren’t any that exist of all three of us. OOPS! But here we are at karaoke, that’s Marcus on the left serenading us with his delightful voice. I think Kristen must be taking the picture.


On that note, I had some pretty good karaoke sessions this week. (Including some really professional quality rapping on my part.) I really liked this video, because it was cute and not incredibly cheesy like they usually are:


I had dinner at a neighbor’s house and had homemade kotatsu (fried pork cutlet) and it was amazing:


I went on a staff trip with the other English teachers to Tokyo, where we took a boat ride on this crazy futuristic boat:

IMG_0508  IMG_0041IMG_0514

I did purikura again (surprise!):


Once again I got close to the Sky Tree but still have never been up it:


I also went camping but unfortunately only took one picture:


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