Product placement #8–Animal crackers

I think I found the Japanese version of US animal crackers.



Obviously they are meant to teach kids the English words for animals. It would be more beneficial for me for them to be in Japanese, but oh well.

But the back of the box has all the animals listed in Japanese and English! Yay!

DSC04775-001 DSC04776-001

Let’s open it up!


Look at all the choices…


Well, I have to say that the shapes of the animals are not very accurate, as I am sure you can see. However, they are pretty good. They taste similar to a Ritz cracker but are much thinner and lighter. I would say they lean toward a more sugary flavor than salty as well.

Overall, pretty good, and of course they garner the cute bonus!


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  1. The squirrel shape just looks like a blob, lol.

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