Product placement #9-Purun Purun


These little energy gel-drinky things seem quite popular in Japan. I think I’ve seen them in the US, but usually only at sporty stores like REI. I see them in most grocery stores and convenience stores in Japan, and of course there’s not just sporty ones, but also cutsey ones. Surprise!

I chose this one because it’s cute, and because I usually like peach flavored things. It’s called Purun Purun, which I couldn’t find any translation for. I was able to read that it has calcium and vitamin D.

It was pretty good, although I think my favorite things about it are, 1) that the mascot has only one ear, and 2) that the mascot is drinking a Purun Purun, which has a mascot drinking Purun Purun, who’s drinking a Purun Purun…and on and on into infinity 🙂

DSC04779-001 DSC04780-001


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