Product placement #10–sour candies

I decided to post about two things this week since they are both pretty similar.

First I tried these Harajuku Pure gummy snacks.



They were a nice strawberry flavor, and just a little bit sour. It tasted like the typical sour gummy candy you can get in the States.


Next I tried these guys:


I really wasn’t sure to expect from this.


Even after I opened the package I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I actually thought it might be gum because the little balls were kind of soft.


The very outside layer was just a little soft and covered with some really really sour coating. It was similar to the sour-ness of a warhead, if you know those candies. After I got through the sour layer, there was a hard candy layer.  In the very center was a tiny chewy bit. Overall, it was pretty good, kind of intense. I ate two and I think I’ll have to take it easy with the rest. It’s the kind of candy that I feel like would get me sick if I ate too much of it.


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