Fuji Rock 2013

I’ve been neglecting my blog lately (and will continue to this month) for a few reasons.

1) It’s summer vacation

2) I’m busy!

3) It’s too hot

I think “it’s too hot” is a completely legitimate excuse for anything. But truthfully I’ve been running around a lot lately and I’ve got a special guest arriving in Japan on Monday so I most likely won’t be blogging much this month.

However, I wanted to give a quick update about my time at Fuji Rock.  Fuji Rock is the largest outdoor music festival in Japan. I went with some friends, many of whom are fellow JETs. We arrived on Thursday and stayed through Monday.

Here I am ready to get on the shinkansen (bullet train).


Here’s way we stayed. Look at all those tents and that great view!


My friends decided to dress in costumes for the festival, with a circus theme. (As you can see I didn’t have a costume.)


Here we go!


I really loved how the whole festival was set up and decorated. Everywhere we walked had some charm.

IMG_1491-001 IMG_1492-001 IMG_1493-001 IMG_1496-001 IMG_1498-001 IMG_1499-001

I didn’t take any pictures of actual performances for a few reasons. First of all they just don’t turn out well on an iphone, and secondly I think it’s more important to actually enjoy the music!

Here are the bands I saw!




Of Monsters and Men

Flying Lotus

Nine Inch Nails



Aimee Mann

Suzanne Vega


Jurassic 5



Portugal. The man


Mumford & Sons

Vampire Weekend

Cat Power

The XX


There were also various other bands that I listened to a few songs, but those are the ones that I listened to the whole set.

For many of the shows I was able to be front and center, which was amazing. For The XX in particular I was at the absolute front. They are one of my favorite bands and it was a really special experience for me to be able to be so close. It was really amazing!


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