Product placement #18–Halloween Edition

Aggh, what happened? Where did October go? And more importantly, why didn’t I post this three weeks ago?? (It’s been sitting in my drafts since then!) Sorry fans–I know you’re irate, but it’s never too late for some Halloween cheer, right???

Fall–my favorite season. Halloween–my favorite holiday. I really can’t get enough of October and I’m sad it’s almost over. Halloween in Japan isn’t quite as exciting as it is in the US, it’s pretty much solely a commercialized holiday here. I’m aware that most holidays in the US have also become terribly consumer-based, but in Japan there’s no trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving or harvest festivals or corn mazes or any of the fun, community and family orientated activities that I enjoyed growing up.

Anyway, even though there’s not any of that, there are still seasonal items that show up around October. So here are a few Halloween type treats I enjoyed this month.

Toppo are pretty popular treats. I’m not sure if we have them in the US, but Toppo is a lot like Pocky. Basically it’s just the reverse of Pocky–the chocolate is on the inside instead.


I also enjoyed some Halloween donuts from Krispy Kreme:


And good ol’ Mister Donut had Hello Kitty themed donuts for the holiday.

photo(29) photo(31)


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