A Gatsby Halloween

A month delayed (of course!) but here is my post about Halloween this year. I went as Daisy from The Great Gatsby movie. I love the book too (it’s one of my favorites) but I specifically modeled my costume after a dress Daisy wore in the most recent film adaptation directed by Baz Luhrmann. I don’t usually post about this kind of thing on my blog, but I spent an incredible amount of time making my outfit so I figured I better brag about it a little bit!  Here is the look I was going for:


I worked for many, many hours creating a hand-made beaded covering for a dress I bought.

Halloween 20133

I also hand-made bracelets to match (as best as I could) the ones she wore. She wore this on both hands.


Here’s my version:


She also had some very beautiful rings, so I tried my best to find rings that were similar to these:

daisy other rings

Here’s how mine turned out:


She also wore a really beautiful headpiece, that apparently you can actually buy from Tiffany’s. Obviously this wasn’t really in my budget…

head band

So I made my own:


I created my pieces from beads I found around Tokyo, as well as some key pieces from some really awesome Etsy shops.

I want to give them a shout-out because their pieces were really wonderful!

Finding Club
The Bright Shop
Simply Sassy Source
Blue Orchid Supplies
AND this shop, Lorelie Kay Designs , is where I got this beautiful ring which is similar to the flower ring Daisy wears. I couldn’t believe it when I found it, it’s almost exactly the same!
Halloween 20134

Ok! Now onto the completed look!

First a couple side-by-side comparisons:

Halloween 20131 Halloween 20132

And now the entire thing:

Halloween 20135

And here are a few more shots!

DSC02333-001 DSC05413-001 DSC05453-001

I love Halloween!!!

4 responses to “A Gatsby Halloween

  1. I can’t believe how dedicated you were in creating this beautiful masterpiece! You otta’ be in pictures!! Or at least costume design!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Heidi!! First off, you are STUNNING!! Seriously, you’re just gorgeous. And all the details you put into creating the perfect costume!! Ahhhhh!! It’s just all perfection.

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