Hideaway Cafe–Harajuku

I love Tokyo. One of the things I love is the wide variety of restaurants, from traditional Japanese to theme restaurants to the quirky and unique. I figured I should start documenting some of the places I go.

Last Saturday I went to Harajuku, which just may be my favorite place in the world. I have wanted to go to a the Hideaway Cafe for a long time now, and finally made it there for lunch. It’s really easy to get to from Harajuku Station.

The restaurant itself resembles a tree house, and actually the green part you can see in the picture below is a tree house attached to the actual building, and that is a real, live tree growing up through the tree house.

Hideaway cafe4

The inside is quite cozy, and Raymond, Tomomi, and I got to sit in the actual tree house space.

Hideaway cafe1

I liked the mini tree house that was on the table (right side below)

Hideaway cafe2

They had a menu in English and Japanese, which was nice for me, even though I had two Japanese speakers with me. We all got a small salad to start with, which came with our meal.

Hideaway cafe

I ordered a falafel pita.  I haven’t had falafel in ages, and it did not disappoint. It also came with a side of pickled veggies.

Hideaway cafe3

It was a quaint, lovely place and I highly recommend it!



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