Those charmers

My Japanese students often compliment me, and it’s quite cute, especially because of their small mistakes in English. So here is a list of my favorites:

Today during writing time in an English class the students were supposed to write about their past, present, and future. Here is what one student wrote:


Male student: Me. Heidi. Marriage?

A female student gave me this the other day. I’m really not sure what she meant by the first line. It could be a lot of different things. She could have been asking if I want to be friends or she could have been trying to tell me she likes being my friend/student. I really don’t know. She loves talking to me but her English is really difficult to understand, so it really could be any number of things. The second sentence isn’t hard to get, though. She loves Australian boys and wants to marry a “very, very, very tall, cool Australian boy” as she tells me almost daily.


The last few days of school I got some notes from students, these two were my favorites (both from girls):


  • Me: Do you know what silly means?
  • Male student: No…
  • Me: It means funny and crazy together. So, you are a silly boy.
  • Student: Oh. You are beautiful…and…sexy…you are perfect girl. (I don’t think he’s aware that calling your teacher sexy is extremely awkward haha)
  • Female student: What color your eyes?
  • Me: Hmm, green, a little bit brown.
  • Student: Real? Those real eyes?
  • Me:…yes?
  • Student: No fake??
  • Me: Oh! Yes, these are my real eyes. I don’t have contacts.
  • From a male student: You have very beautiful…head.
  • Me: Face?
  • Student: Ah, yes, yes…face.

Girl was covering her face, giggling hysterically, and blushing.

  • Me: Why are you laughing?
  • Student: Because…because…I LOVE YOU!!

“You are…you are…you are…C…ute! Cute!” (This one is usually said by girls, and no matter the student there always seems to be those pauses in those places.)

“Gold! Gold hair. You have… gold hair!” (This one is also usually from girls. It is also usually followed by stroking of my hair.)

  • Student: Cute! (This was exclaimed once while I was correcting a girl’s assignment. I was just drawing circles around the correct answers on her paper.)
  • Me: What is cute?
  • Student points to paper.
  • Me: My circles are cute?
  • Student: Yes!
  • Male student: Boyfriend?
  • Me: No, I don’t have a boyfriend.
  • Student: Chance!
  • From male students:
  • “Will you go to dinner with me?”
  • Or, even better…
  • “Will you cook dinner for me?”

(This student made a few errors with his English, but his pronunciation and confidence was great!):

  • Student: Oh Heidi! Teach today?
  • Me: Yes, I will teach you today.
  • Student: I’m happy! I like you teach very much. You make me happy.
  • Me: That makes me happy!
  • Student: Me too! I like you.

(Then, he promptly fell asleep for the ENTIRE lesson)


15 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen says:

    That is hilarious! And very CUTE!!! You should keep a journal of these phrases/sayings! Thanks for sharing again!

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Thanks 🙂 I think I will add to this post whenever I hear new good ones!

  2. Owen Kong says:

    The last one was really funny

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Yeah, I was so happy he said so much to me in English, then so disappointed when he fell asleep! Although I can’t help but laugh a bit!

  3. Tonya Bradley says:

    Hmm who does that sound like (cough) Alex

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Haha! Although there have been no proposals from my Japanese students!

  4. Kohl Nicoll says:

    My favorite one is boyfriend? Chance!

  5. Meg says:

    It sounds like Alex has some competition

  6. Mark Jensen says:

    I am impressed by the handwriting.

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Yeah a lot of my students have amazing handwriting. I think it’s because it takes a lot of control in order to write kanji properly.

  7. Jean says:

    It’s been almost 20 years since I taught conversational English in Japan – but reading this brings it right back! “See went to the store” “She” “See went to the store” Pointing to a hiragana figure “What is that? “Shi” “Say it again.” “Shi” “Good – now what is this word? (Pointing to she)…….”See” I-yi-yi…… Have a blast!

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      Thanks for reading! I find it interesting that many people have trouble saying my name. They often pronounce it “Heiji” although they can make the “di” sound no problem. I think it’s the combination of the “Hei” and the “di” that trips them up!

  8. listerlegs says:

    I like your sleeper; my husband teaches at a Junior High and he gets a lot of them.

    1. hmjensen1 says:

      I love how he flattered me so HARD and then fell asleep so HARD.

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