They did it again

Ok, so I’ve posted about student art before (here and here), the latter being the same art project as this post, just last year’s version.  So this might be overkill and I am sure a lot of people don’t care about papier-mâché animals. If that’s you then…don’t read this post!

Basically, I am constantly impressed by the artistic creativity of my students. This doesn’t apply to only my students here, my students back in The US were also incredible (remember the Renaissance Fair projects?? Or the Crispin projects?? Absolutely amazing!), I just didn’t have a blog back then to show off the amazing talents of my students.

Anyway, my students in Japan just finished a project for art class, and I love all of their adorable creations. So, I took some pictures of a few.


I mean, how could you not love those little guys??? If you’re dying to see more, I’ve posted them (along with last year’s animals) on flickr.


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  1. Terry says:

    Heidi, these are fabulously talented students who happen to have a brilliantly inspirational teacher. Thank you for sharing their art projects. Love your blog and all the photos you post.

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