Hong Kong Revisited

I first traveled to Hong Kong when I was about 13, about 15 years ago now! It was a really meaningful experience for me, because it was my first time leaving the country (besides Canada). Truthfully, it was a life changing experience. After that first trip abroad, I knew I wanted to travel as much as possible. In high school, I went to Europe for three weeks. I visited Spain, Italy, and France for a week each. I didn’t leave the country again until right after I graduated from University, when I moved to Switzerland to be an Au Pair. I lived there for one year and was able to travel all over Europe.

Traveling is really important to me, and Hong Kong definitely has a soft spot in my heart, so I was really excited to return there. There were a few things I wanted to re-visit, especially things that I had really fond memories of. Of course I also wanted to see some new things, and I was really happy that this time I was able to go to Macau, too.


Please click here to view my album on flickr of Hong Kong, and here to see Macau!


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