Unusual ramen

Have you ever had ramen? I mean real ramen–not Top Ramen or any of the cup varieties. I don’t think I had it until I moved to Japan. There just aren’t many Japanese restaurants in the US that serve it (that I know of!). Actually, ramen is originally Chinese, but the Japanese have truly made it their own. I think it might be comparable to how the US made their own “Mexican” versions of a lot of dishes. So, ramen originally is Chinese, but I fell in love with the Japanese version.

There really is nothing quite like a hot bowl of ramen! I think it has become my  number one “comfort” food here. That being said, I found out about a crazy version of ramen from the blog “Adventures in Ramen.” Basically, there’s a shop fairly near to where I live that serves some unusual varieties of ramen, complete with a ramen with ice cream version! I knew I had to try this dish that combined two of my favorite foods! The story about why they serve this dish is also pretty interesting, so give it a read at Adventures in Ramen.


Overall it was decent, at first anyway! After getting about half way through (you can see it all melty in the picture above) my stomach started to have some adverse reactions to such strong flavors and ingredients being combined. It really did taste good to have these unusual flavors paired together, it was just too much for one sitting!

I’m glad I tried it, but I’ll stick to regular ramen, I think! Kikuya is a great little shop though, so if you ever make it to Kita-senju, give it a try! The owner was also really nice and gave us free coffee at the end of our meal.


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  1. Terry says:

    Delicious description and photos Heidi! Thank you for sharing the flavors and sights along your journey.

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