Off to Okinawa


I was so excited to go to Okinawa during Golden Week this year. My time in Japan is winding down, so I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it there or not. BUT I DID!!!!! And it was amazing.

My friend Faye and I had a great time on some amazing beaches in amazing weather, and we were really fortunate that everything was so peaceful and basically EMPTY. Considering that Golden Week is one of busiest time of the year for travel in Japan, we were really lucky. We spent most of our time on Zamami island, which was absolutely beautiful, but for whatever reason, doesn’t appear to be very popular for tourists.

Zamami also has a super adorable animal related story to go along with it (which is like, so totally Japanese and I LOVE IT), which is that there once was a dog named Marilyn living on Zamami island, and across the way on Aka island there was a dog named Shiro. Marilyn and Shiro used to the stare at each other across the sea, barking and prancing about, I guess, wishing they could live on the same island. Apparently Shiro would actually swim two miles to visit her, and the best part is that this story is TRUE. Meet Marilyn and Shiro!

Okinawa May 2014

Faye and I spent two days lounging on the beach and snorkeling–the latter being something both of us are a little bit scared by. (I did a “dive” when I was snorkeling and subsequently freaked out and had to get out of the water…) But, mostly it was wonderful. We saw lots of incredible fish and coral, as well as sea turtles! It was really amazing to see the turtles swimming around. I’ve seen sea turtles before in Puerto Rico, which is where I saw mother turtles lay eggs, but it was nice to see them just swimming around and relaxing.

Okinawan (is that right??) food was also AMAZING, but I think Faye and I ate the worse we’ve ate in one week ever. We had about four ice creams a day (make sure you try blue seal ice cream if you ever go to Okinawa), at least two bags of chips, and at least two meals of delicious but definitely unhealthy Okinawan meals, like Okinawa soba, pork (I can’t even explain the pork. Eat the pork. Do it. It should be a bucket list item. Okinawa Pork. Write it down), super fresh sashimi, sea grapes….you know what, just add it all to your bucket list. You’ll thank me later.

Sea grapes
Sea grapes

I also got a mild tan and Faye got a mild burn (as of the most recent update, her scalp is peeling, and I hate to be callous but…let’s just say I’m glad it’s her and not me!! Hee heee…)

The highlight of the whole trip was obviously the sea-sickness and barfing that Faye and I endured on our ferry ride back to the mainland on our last day. Thankfully we weren’t the only only revisiting our sea grapes, as most of the ferry was experiencing puke-fest 2014. Faye and I have both vowed to never go on a boat again.

So I’d say our trip was 99.9% perfect!

Sea grapes and dog statues not enough for you? Click here for more photos.


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  1. Helen says:

    You have the uncanny ability to find cats wherever you go!! Great pics!

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