What they’ve said to me lately


I just thought I’d do a quick update about some funny things kids have said to me lately.

At an English camp I volunteered at for elementary school kids, the students in my group were asking the volunteers questions about their home countries. Here’s how one conversation went:

Student: I heard there are many fat people in America.

Me: Uh, well…yeah we have a problem with that.

Student: Why?

Me: Well…there are many fast food restaurants. And fast food is often cheaper than vegetables and fruit. So it’s very easy and cheap to eat unhealthy.

Student: So…are there any skinny people in America?


Later in the same week, I was also helping my neighbor with her private English classes. These kids were about 3-4 years old. I was sitting next to one boy and suddenly, he reached out and started stroking my hair. He looked very content and said:


Which translated just means “gold hair…yes…gold hair.” He said it in such a day-dreamy kind of way it was hilarious.

At school, I was outside after classes had finished watching some boys dig in the ground with shovels. It had rained a lot earlier that day, so the ground was completely soaked. This resulted in huge puddles everywhere, so the boys were trying to get rid of the puddles, I guess. (They weren’t doing a very good job…) As one of the boys explained it to me when I asked what he was doing:

My floor is dirty. I clean it now. Very very dirty.

The boys cleaning their floor

(I love that he used the English he knew, by the way. He could have easily just gave up since he didn’t know the word for ‘ground’ or ‘puddle,’ but he tried anyway, so props to you, kiddo.)

Suddenly, another boy came hopping over to me on one foot. In one hand he held a shoe, which explained the hopping.

“Heidi, help me!”

“What? How? What do you need?” As I replied, he unceremoniously shoved a soggy, muddy shoe into my hand.

“Help! It’s wet.”

“I see that! What do you want me to do?” I replied as I help the sopping shoe at arm’s length.

“Clean it please! It’s so dirty! It’s so wet! I don’t want it!”

“How am I supposed to clean it?!”

“Do you have tish (tissue)? Do you have towel?” As if a tissue would clean it…

I did not have a tissue or a towel so the boy hopped off in another direction, presumably to shove his shoe in other unsuspecting hands.



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  1. Helen says:

    Hilarious! Especially the boys cleaning the floor!!

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