Taipei: Pet city?

I know whenever anyone hears  “Taipei” they automatically think about pets, right?? No? Well, you should. Because Taipei is Pet City in my book.  Everywhere I looked there were cozy kitties lounging or carefree pups strolling. (And these pictures don’t even come close to covering the amount of cats and dogs I actually saw.)


photo(47)-001 DSC07204-001 DSC07162-001 DSC07149-001 DSC07076-001 DSC07066-001 DSC07063-001

The icing on the cake? They were all clearly pets, or at least well cared for, and not sickly strays. The cats all looked healthy and relatively plump; I even saw the cat in the first picture being fed outside that same store the previous day. That’s right–a lady stopped by with a can of tuna and sat down with the cat while she munched away. I have no idea if the lady owns this cat or just chooses to feed it, or if the cat lives in that store or not.

The dogs seem to live interesting and wild lives. I never saw a dog on a leash, but every dog I saw had a collar. They must be really well trained to survive on the mean streets of Taipei! (I don’t mean mean as in the people are mean, I mean it like the traffic is CRAZY.)

Regardless, the dogs weaved between market stalls and trotted in and out of shops, and no one seemed to mind.

So if you’re a pet and looking to move, why not try out Taipei?

(More on Taipei later–yes I did more than stare at cats and dogs.)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike says:

    This one is the cat’s meow.

  2. Mom says:

    You could make a monthly calendar with these photos – any some of your others!

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