See you next later!

"Say goodbye to these, because it's the LAST time!"
“Say goodbye to these, because it’s the LAST time!”

“See you next later!”–That’s what one of my students just said to me as he left the staff room after “cleaning time” today. It reminded me of the fact that I’m going to be hearing lots of goodbyes very soon. In exactly one month from today I will leave Japan after being here for two years. This week is the official start of my “goodbyes” with my final lessons at the junior high school and my final Library Story time this Saturday. My English club ended last week, but the students are throwing me a goodbye party this Saturday night, so I will see them one last time.

Next week will be my last week at the junior high school, and then shortly after that, on July 23rd, my parents will arrive in Japan. Then the barrage of goodbye parties and dinners, as well as showing my parents around Japan, will begin. In short: I probably won’t sleep much in the next month.

One top of that, I’ve got the next step in my life to think about: grad school. I haven’t announced it on this blog, although those of you who actually know me probably know already, but I will be moving to New York at the end of August (after being back in my hometown for a couple of weeks) to get my master’s degree in International Education at New York University.

While this is incredibly exciting, it also means that between now and the first day of classes I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’m not one to complain much but I feel like it will be beneficial for me to list what I have to take care of, and soon…

  • Pack everything I’ve accumulated in the last 2 years
  • Get my apartment move-out ready
  • Finish all my paper work, pay bills, close, accounts, etc, so I can leave Japan
  • Finish planning and then facilitate my 10 year high school reunion in my hometown in late-ish August (how did I get roped into that one??)
  • Pack everything I own that I think I will need while living in New York
  • Move to New York
  • Find a place to live
  • Find a job
  • Curl up in a ball and sleep through it all

Good luck, me!


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  1. Helen says:

    Sounds so relaxing!! Hahaha…..

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