Where have I been??

I know all my die-hard fans out there have been wondering what the heck has happened to their favorite blog. Well…in short, a lot! I made the move from Japan to my hometown briefly, and then to New York.

I never wrote about a lot of really great things that I did in my last few months in Japan, and obviously nothing in New York yet. But here’s list (more for me–reminder of what I need to write about later)

  • My English Club students threw the sweetest goodbye party for me
  • I had my last library storytime which was also pretty adorable
  • I went on a fun day trip to Yokohama with Faye
  • My parents arrive in Japan, the city threw us an amazing Goodbye/Welcome party (even the mayor came!!)
  • My parents and I traveled to Hiroshima, Kobe, Himeji, Kyoto, and Tokyo
  • Numerous friends treated my family and I extra special during this time, but of course I hadto say goodbye to them all (I miss you Mieko, Aya, Shu, Toshi, Yuri, Megumi, Aiko, Junko, Yamazaki, Yuko, Hideko, Higuchi…the list goes on!)
  • Had to say goodbye to two of my closest friends that I met in Japan, Faye and Natalie
  • I left Japan 😦
  • I spent about a month back in my hometown, most notably seeing my grandmother who I hadn’t seen in two years (most of my other family I was able to see in Portland when I did my spring trips with the students)
  • I visited my good friend Kari and her family in Seattle, and also saw my cousin there
  • Spent a very short and sweet couple of days in Portland, where I flew out from to get to New York
  • Moved to New York, started my grad school classes the very next day
  • Found an apartment in Bushwick
  • Got to see a rehearsal of the Weekend Update segment of Saturday Night Live
  • Was a bridesmaid in my friend Maria’s wedding
  • My parents came to New York to visit me and go to the wedding
  • Nivi came to visit and we dressed up together for Halloween
  • Got accepted to go to the Dominican Republic for study abroad session during January

Is that it?? Who knows! Anyway my goal is to start writing in my blog again. So hopefully I’ll get some posts going that describe some of the aforementioned events!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Terry says:

    Yay! Rumblings from the Rambler!!!!!

    1. Helen says:

      Yahoooooooooooooo- glad you will be here again!!

  2. techgod52 says:

    Are you every going to come back and teach in LO?

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