Greatest hits 5/7-5/13

This week I was missing American style food so I indulged in some ridiculously expensive Skippy and Ritz… (not pictured: I also made super cheddar cheese-y nachos) I also went to dinner with a group of ladies that live near me. For dessert I had ice cream with matcha (green tea) flavored bits (see below)….

Kyoto continued

After Kinkakuji, we took the tram to Arashiyama. First we had some odango since we were starving! Then we went up the mountain to see some monkeys! The monkeys are Macau, which are the only kind of monkeys in Japan. Good to know! But I didn’t see any deer. Just thinking about life! When we…

Kyoto–it’s just like the pictures

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling, and obviously I enjoy it or I wouldn’t keep doing it. However, most places I’ve been usually have a moment of “well that’s not what it looks like in the the pictures…” or some other slightly disappointing element to it. However, my trip to Kyoto did not disappoint….