December and January newsletters

Oops. Forgot I had a blog there for a while. Anyway, here are the December and January editions of the English newsletter for my students. I’m planning on posting about my trip to Hong Kong soon December2013 January2014

November 2013 Newsletter

Don’t worry everyone! We distributed this to the students long ago, I just forgot to post it here. Enjoy November’s English newsletter! November2013

October 2013 Newsletter

Here’s our October newsletter for our students. We’ve been making our newsletter for one year now! Yay! So we decided to update the design to a much more sophisticated look for our sophomore year of publishing. October2013

September newsletter

Here is the September newsletter for my Japanese students. It even features a photo from a purikura session! September2013

March newsletter

Originally we weren’t going to do a newsletter this month because it’s a bit crazy around here since the school year is ending this week. However, at the last minute we decided to do one. We ended up not doing a student letter this time BUT I promise there will be one in the next…

A request for my former students…please read!

I need some students to write the “Hello from the US” articles for my newsletter. I would prefer to get a nice back-stock of these articles, instead of having to worry about them from month-to-month. Also, the school year in Japan starts in April, which means their school will continue through what you US students…

February newsletter

Here’s this month’s newsletter! Also, if you’re curious about how Valentine’s day works in Japan, and White Day (which is mentioned in the article), you might want to read this really brief explanation here. (However, I am sure I will be posting my own version of events after VDay.) Click here for the newsletter! February2013Higashi(2)…

January newsletter

Here’s the January English newsletter! By the way, the comic features snakes because 2013 is the year of the snake 🙂 January2013Higashi(1)

Spreading the news

At work, there is one other teacher from the US, Raymond. Together, we have created a monthly English newsletter for the students to enjoy. I decided I would share it on my blog too. For this post, I’ll include October’s newsletter as well, but from December on I will just post the new newsletter whenever…