What they’ve said to me lately

I just thought I’d do a quick update about some funny things kids have said to me lately. At an English camp I volunteered at for elementary school kids, the students in my group were asking the volunteers questions about their home countries. Here’s how one conversation went: Student: I heard there are many fat…

They did it again

Ok, so I’ve posted about student art before (here and here), the latter being the same art project as this post, just last year’s version.  So this might be overkill and I am sure a lot of people don’t care about papier-mâché animals. If that’s you then…don’t read this post! Basically, I am constantly impressed by…

Those charmers

My Japanese students often compliment me, and it’s quite cute, especially because of their small mistakes in English. So here is a list of my favorites: Today during writing time in an English class the students were supposed to write about their past, present, and future. Here is what one student wrote: Male student: Me….


Does your school have (or did it have) school festivals? I don’t really remember having them except for in elementary school. All the parents would volunteer and each classroom would have a different type of activity. I remember the “fishing” game was always really popular. Usually there would be a big “screen” (paper) decorated to…

English Club

I haven’t really mentioned my English Club on this blog, that I can remember. Part of that is because according to school rules, I’m not allowed to post pictures of my students on the internet. (I think it’s ok if you can’t see their faces, but I’m still paranoid about it.) So although we’re doing…

December and January newsletters

Oops. Forgot I had a blog there for a while. Anyway, here are the December and January editions of the English newsletter for my students. I’m planning on posting about my trip to Hong Kong soon December2013 January2014

September newsletter

Here is the September newsletter for my Japanese students. It even features a photo from a purikura session! September2013

Saying goodbye

This month marks the end of JET teaching contracts, so a lot of people will soon be leaving Japan. I signed on for another year, so I won’t be leaving, but two of my very close friends will. To say I’m bummed would be an understatement. Anyway, this post isn’t about that, because I don’t…

May newsletter

Here is our May newsletter in all its glory! May2013Chuo

April newsletter

This month’s newsletter is a little late due to the fact that Raymond (the artist behind our masterpiece) had a REAL graphic design deadline this month. Sadly the newsletter is not his top priority in his art world. Boo hoo! (You might also notice that the topic of Easter is a little bit untimely since…