Those charmers

My Japanese students often compliment me, and it’s quite cute, especially because of their small mistakes in English. So here is a list of my favorites: Today during writing time in an English class the students were supposed to write about their past, present, and future. Here is what one student wrote: Male student: Me….

Oh, the horror

Today was the first day students returned to school after their summer vacation. As per Japanese tradition, we had an opening ceremony today. (Remember, the school year starts in April in Japan, so this is not the beginning of the school year for them.) The older students know me from last year when I was…

That’s a school, right…?

One of my favorite things about the new school I started working in this month is that it looks like an insane asylum.  I know you weren’t expecting to hear that. You probably thought I’d say something about how nice the staff is or how excited the students are. Well those things are true too,…

Staying home from work in Japan

You may have heard that it’s impossible to take sick day in Japan. Employers often expect their employees to be at work through the thick and thin. This might be true for Japanese employees in Japan, but it doesn’t appear to be true for foreigners working in Japan, at least not for me. Yesterday morning…

Staff trip to Yokohama

A few weekends ago I went on a staff trip to Yokohama. It was cold and pretty miserable day and I wasn’t feeling very well, but I managed to take a few pictures. We had a Chinese buffet on a ship and I got a bit sea-sick 😦  

You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore

Ok. That’s a little dramatic. But if you were a student of mine in the past, you probably have a specific image in mind of what I look like. I’m guessing your picturing painted nails? Perhaps high heels? Killer accessories? An overwhelmingly impressive control of fashion? A nose ring? It’s all gone now.